Friday 6/28 Noon-5:00pmEvent Registration & MerchandiseKing Edward Suite — Sheraton (3rd floor)
Friday 6/28 Noon-5:00pmArchives Room OpensLangford Room - Sheraton (3rd floor)
Friday 6/28 7:00pm-?Welcome NightCretan Club, SpringfieldThere’s no better hospitality than the Cretan hospitality. Come meet your friends from around the country as we kick off the 46th PAA National Convention at a social gathering sponsored by the Marnelakis family. Cretan mezedes, music, dancing, friendship and tsikoudia. Casual attire.
Saturday 6/29 9:00am-2:00pmDelegate RegistrationBallroom - Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 9:00am-4:00pmEvent Registration & MerchandiseKing Edward Suite — Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 9:00am-11:00amOpening CeremonyBallroom - Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 11:00am-12:30pmPAA Business MeetingBallroom - Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 11:00am-7:00pmArchives RoomLongford Room - Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 11:00am-3:30pmDance Lessons by the ViglatoresMahogany Room — Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 1:30pm-4:00pmBreakout Sessions — Committee MeetingsKilkenny, Charles & Waterford Rooms — Sheraton
Saturday 6/29 6:00pm-midnightCretan NightBallroom - SheratonThis is the most anticipated Cretan event in the USA which occurs only once every two years. We will be entertained by the one and only Michalis Tzouganakis in a rare non-concert appearance, accompanied by his equally talented son, Alexander. Also joining us from Crete is the renowned Viglatores Dance Group of Chania performing rare and regional dances of Crete. Most importantly, we will be enthralled by our own PAA/PYA dance groups from around the country. Traditional Cretan dress or festive attire.
Saturday 6/29 Midnight-?AfterhoursCretan Club, SpringfieldBus will loop from Sheraton to Cretan Club from midnight until 4:00am
Sunday 6/30 9:30am-noonChurch Liturgy & Coffee HourSt. George Cathedral
Sunday 6/30 10:00am-noonEvent Registration & MerchandiseKing Edward Suite — Sheraton
Sunday 6/30 10:00am-noonArchives RoomLongford Room - Sheraton
Sunday 6/30 2:00pm-9:00pmCretan PicnicMorgan Road Pavilion, West SpringfieldThis afternoon and into the early evening you’ll be able to relax and feast on all-you-can-eat traditional Cretan and American food and drinks. Our Cretan musicians will be there with your favorite music. Fun and games galore for the whole family. Transportation provided to and from the venue. Casual attire.
Sunday 6/30 9:30pm-?Open Mic Youth NightCretan Club, SpringfieldCalling all PYA Musicians! The fun doesn’t stop when the picnic ends. Please join us at the syllogo for a night of entertainment with live music performed by members of the PYA together with famed musician Mihali Tzouganakis. There will be plenty of food, fun, and excitement to go around. You won’t want to miss this event. Do you play a Cretan instrument? Sign up now! Casual attire.
Monday 7/1 7:30am-10:00amDelegate RegistrationBallroom - SheratonDELEGATE REGISTRATION ENDS AT 10 AM
Monday 7/1 8:30am-5:00pmPAA Business MeetingBallroom - Sheraton
Monday 7/1 9:00am-11:00amEvent Registration & MerchandiseKing Edward Suite — Sheraton
Monday 7/1 11:00am-4:00pmArchives RoomLongford Room - Sheraton
Monday 7/1 11:30amGolf TournamentThe Ranch Golf Club, Southwick, MAGolf tournament for those who pre-registered. Tournament sponsored by Manny’s TV & Appliances, and Minos-Crete. For more information, contact Besi Mavridakis at 413-348-7207. Casual attire.
Monday 7/1 1:00pm-4:00pmPYA MeetingWorthy Room - Sheraton - 2nd floor
Monday 7/1 6:30pm-midnightWomen’s Event/Cultural NightGreek Cultural Center, SpringfieldHappy 85th Anniversary Proodos! Here is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate the contributions of the extraordinary Cretan women in your life. Tonight we celebrate Cretan women and culture with great food and entertainment. Join us as we also highlight the 85-year history of the Proodos chapter. Hosted by the Springfield Cretan Ladies Society “Proodos”. Festive attire.
Monday 7/1 Midnight-?AfterhoursCretan Club, SpringfieldBusses will loop beginning at 11:00 from Cultural Center to Sheraton to Cretan Club until 4:00.
Monday 7/1 8:30am-4:00pmPAA Business MeetingBallroom - Sheraton
Monday 7/1 10:00am-noonEvent Registration & MerchandiseKing Edward Suite — Sheraton
Monday 7/1 10:00am-5:00pmArchives RoomLongford Room - Sheraton
Tuesday 7/2 1:30pm-5:00pmYouth Pool Party & BBQSheraton Hotel PoolJoin us for a fun day soaking up the sun by the hotel pool! Food will be served and games will be played, all ages are welcome! Pool attire.
Tuesday 7/2 6:00pm-midnightGrand BanquetSheraton Monarch PlaceThe grandest of all banquets unfolds as our hotel grand ballroom is transformed to provide an evening of elegance. It begins with a cocktail party followed by a delicious sit-down dinner. Meet our honored guests and be inspired by our keynote speaker, Dr Emmanuel E. Zervos. The evening will conclude with Cretan dancers and music. You won’t want to miss this elegant affair. Formal attire.
Tuesday 7/2 9:00pm-midnightYouth Red Carpet Club NightView Street Tavern, Chicopee, MAStrut your stuff down the red carpet dressed as your favorite celebrity! You’re not going to want to miss this boujee soiree featuring the local well known DJ JRipZZ dropping the illest Greek and American beats. A savory buffet is included and prizes will be awarded for our top three celebrity lookalikes! Transportation provided to and from the event. And you do not have to be 21 to join!
Tuesday 7/2 Midnight-?AfterhoursCretan Club, SpringfieldBus will loop between hotel and Cretan Club until 4:00am.
Wednesday 7/3 8:30am-4:00pmPAA Business MeetingBallroom - Sheraton
Wednesday 7/3 9:00am-noonArchives RoomLongford Room - Sheraton
Wednesday 7/3 7:00pm-?Farewell PartyCretan Club, SpringfieldGather at the Minos-Crete syllogo once more to say goodbye to old and new friends as we depart tomorrow. Tonight’s party will feature Mihalis Tzouganakis. As always, Cretan hospitality is evident in food, music and dance. Casual attire.